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Whether you are taking on a PLM project, an ISO project or most any kind of project, they have 3 elements in common.  Successfully working through these elements will help you arrive at a successful outcome.

1) Learn – What problem(s) are you trying to solve?  How much is it costing you?  What are your requirements for your solution?
2)  Plan – Select your solution.  Design the solution [how will it be implemented?].  Write up a project plan.
3) Execute – Construct the solution.  Install and roll out the solution.

I can help…

Who I am…
PLM - I have spent more than 25 years selling, marketing and providing consulting for product lifecycle management [PLM] solutions.  Former customers include Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Applied Materials and Ford Aerospace.

ISO - ISO compliance was one of the requirements of all of these companies and was a part of their solution.

Success is…
A dictionary definition would be something like ‘accomplishing one’s goals and objectives’.  When it comes to projects like document management or ISO compliance, I would define success as arriving at a solution that meets your expectations.